The Topic is Samaya & The Practice is Amending Samaya

The Topic is Samaya & The Practice is Amending Samaya


“During the Kaliyuga, when disturbed mental states spread rapidly, having entered the gateway of the Buddhist teachings and [Secret] Mantra but not following the teachings, practitioners act incorrectly. They are lax in guarding their vows and their training precepts weaken. Not in keeping with their samaya, they chant the secret mantras incorrectly. Not receiving the signs of accomplishment, their ability and power diminish. Not having true confidence, they undertake the enlightened activities. For these reasons, all the mamos of phenomenal existence and the eight classes of gods and demon-spirits become disturbed and gradually destroy what is valuable in the world and to beings. At such a time, if practitioners strive in this excellent method [of offering this amendment-confession], they will be granted fruition’s temporal benefits and ultimate bliss. SAMAYA!

“Practicing this Amendment-Confession to the Dakini Assemblies, Correctly, even one time, will amend the samaya breakages and deteriorations of yogis and yoginis. Having restored their samaya transgressions and degenerations, all wished-for accomplishments will be attained. Illness, epidemics, conflicts, poor harvests, and so forth—the turmoil of the mamo dakinis will be pacified. The entire region will experience happiness and so on. In all ways, momentary and ultimate, unsurpassed great bliss will be accomplished”.

“Thus, what is referred to as samaya is said to be one’s view”.

This online class will study the topic of tantric samaya in the Nyingma tradition and the 34-page ritual for amending our samaya, “The Amendment-Confession to the Dakini Assemblies”, from Dudjom Rinpoche’s Dakini Heart Heart Essence (Khandro Thuk Tik).

Pre-requisite: Refuge in the Vajrayana tradition. No empowerment required.

Format: Two 90-minute recorded video classes with Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo and a login website for resources and discussion.

Tuition: USD$50 includes PDF practice text (34 pages) with Tibetan script, phonetics and English translation.

Scholarships: 50% scholarship by application here.